Instructions for massage

  1. Please have a good meal three or four hours before the massage. The stomach should neither be full nor you should feel hungry during the massage.
  2. Keep the room sufficiently warm during the winter.
  3. Please make sure that is no disturbance during the massage. It is better to avoid talking or texting on mobile during the massage. It is preferable to have the mobile phone in silent mode.
  4. If you have a laptop or blue tooth speaker you can play some meditation music which will help to relax. I generally suggest Indian flute mediation music which creates a nice atmosphere, but you can play any relaxing music of your choice.
  5. The massage will be done with the coconut oil mixed with an Ayurvedic herbal oil. If you like to use another oil, please let me know in advance.
  6. If you have pain in any portion of the body or if there are stitches or recent fractures in any part of the body, please let me know in advance so that I can avoid or apply less pressure in those areas.



Head massage:

Head massage is done in the seated position.

Things needed:

    • A chair to sit
    • A towel (if necessary)
    • A band to tie the hair


We shall start with the shoulder area. It will be comfortable if the dress worn doesn’t cover the shoulder portion or alternatively you can wrap a towel. A hair band will be necessary to keep the hair away from neck and shoulder area.

We shall then move on to head. If possible, it is better to have a warm shower to clean of any dust in hair so that the herbal oil can be very well absorbed by the scalp.


Body massage:

Body massage is done in the lying position.

Things needed :

  • A yoga mat or a bed spread on which you can lie
  • A towel that will be used to cover the body
  • One small towel (preferably soft) which you can have in your forehead while lying in face down position


We shall start with the upper back portion of the body, then lower back, then lower front and then the upper front portion of the body.

After the massage, it is better to leave the oil in the body for at least couple of hours before taking shower. The skin will absorb most of the oil. Oil nourishes the skin.

It is better to avoid any hard work (physical/mental) after the massage. Just relax for rest of the day! 🙂